As your automotive service business grows, you may start to see the shortcomings of your current compressor setup. Before your air compressor slows down your business, you should consider if you need to upgrade to an industrial rotary screw compressor. Here is how you can tell if the time is right.

You Work on More Vehicles Than Your Compressor Can Handle

As volume increases, so does the strain on your air compressor. You can hire additional technicians, but if your compressor can’t keep up with the demand of your tools, then extra hands won’t help you much. This scenario will hold your business back and maybe even spur those new clients to seek another, speedier service.

Before investing in an industrial compressor to deal with heavy volume, make sure the increased volume isn’t a fluke. Sometimes a seasonal influx can occur and then die down. You’ll want to consider a major compressor upgrade only if you’re sure you will get your money’s worth out of it.

Expectations of increased volume count as well. If you plan a marketing campaign you’re confident will bring in clientele, then you can upgrade your compressor ahead of time.

You Extend Operations, Expand, or Move to a Larger Facility

Do you plan to extend your business hours or expand your facility to handle more vehicles? Do you plan to move your business to a new, larger space? All these things can mean upgrading to an industrial rotary screw compressor. Extended business hours mean more tool use and more unexpected downtime if your current compressor has a short duty cycle.

An increase in space or a move to a larger facility means you have plans to increase your capacity. Upgrading to an industrial compressor at this time can save you the trouble of having to upgrading later.

You Add More Powerful Tools

If you upgrade your tools, you may need a more powerful air compressor to handle them efficiently. Some modern tools require constant power. Using multiple tools requires more combined horsepower. Some tools flat out won’t work at all with a lower tier compressor.

With every new tool, you will have to figure out how much additional capacity you will need in conjunction with the other tools you intend to run. If you add on heavier tools, they will certainly increase the pressure you need. Rotary screw compressors excel at handling large capacity loads, which make these compressors ideal for a very busy automotive service.

An industrial rotary screw compressor can deliver a constant stream of compressed air using its helical rotors. Your tools will have the constant flow of power they need without you having to deal with stretches of downtime between heavy use.

You Want to Use Multiple Compressors

An industrial compressor doesn’t have to completely replace your old air compressor. You can use both compressors together if your business has a need for it.

A tool with a high-pressure rating can have a dedicated compressor while all the other tools can make use of your industrial air compressor. If you already use a piston compressor, it can make an ideal choice for such a scenario. Piston compressors handle high-pressure tools particularly well.

You can also use your old compressor for special tools that don’t see constant use.

You Plan for Future Automotive Services

As an automotive service grows, it can start to take on new responsibilities and offer new services. If you plan to roll out new services, you will start adding new tools to accomplish those tasks.

Starting with an industrial air compressor can help prepare you for the future. For example, if you start with general repair but start to take on collision work, you will already have a compressor to handle the new tools.

You Start Fresh

Modern industrial air compressors come with bells and whistles not found on older models. You can enjoy less noise, more functionality, far greater efficiency, and increased longevity from your compressor. You can start your business fresh or revamp your old business with a modern industrial air compressor.

However, not all industrial compressors are the same. You will have to figure out what type of industrial rotary screw compressor can offer you the most benefit. All the same rules apply as they would with any air compressor consideration. You need to know:

  • How much capacity you need now and in the future
  • How much pressure you will need
  • How much horsepower you will need
  • How you plan to use the compressor and with what specific tools
  • Where you plan to install and keep the compressor
  • What kind of warranty or guarantee you can expect with the compressor

All these considerations and more can make choosing an industrial compressor a daunting task. Industrial air compressors can range from less than 10-hp to up to 500-hp or more. You don’t want to overdo it, but you don’t want to underdo it either.

Contact a professional service about choosing a rotary screw compressor for your automotive service. If you want to choose the right compressor for your needs, contact Kaishan today.

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